January and attempts at healthy eating go together like bread and butter, peaches and cream… oh, yeah 😉 In this cold weather, that means soup!

Minestrone was never a favourite of mine, until I stumbled across this recipe. Now it’s a regular, not least ‘cos it’s a great way to use up that tin of tomatoes from the back of the cupboard as well as a nice change from my usual lentil and veg based soups.

I like to use carrot, peppers and shredded cabbage in mine, but you can use things like courgettes or other (summer) veg, if you prefer. Also, try to use good quality tomatoes: the flavour really comes through if you don’t.

The ‘odd’ ingredient is perhaps the soy sauce – but trust me, it totally makes it! Also, don’t try to cut corners on the times: the long cooking time helps make this the nicest minestrone I’ve ever tried!

One last note: I don’t find this freezes particularly well – ok, if you have to, but the spaghetti goes a bit strange. So, try not to make too much at once and enjoy it fairly fresh instead.

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