Sweet potato and chilli soup

bowl of soupMORE soup?! I do cook other things, honest, but in this season I also cook a *lot* of soup! Generally I try to whip up a big pot every other weekend – this gives me a healthy, go-to meal for thle week (either lunch, or supper if I’ve eaten a bigger meal during the day), and the remainder can (usually) be frozen. I say ‘every other week’, as I don’t want to get fed up of eating nothing but soup!

This week, it was the turn of Sweet Potato and Chilli soup. With no lentils (for a change!) this is a thinner soup than many that I make, so you might want to add a little less liquid; it also tends to feel a little less filling – good or bad, as the situation calls for.

It also needs blended – I’ve become a huge fan of stick blenders for this, after realising that they don’t hurt the saucepan. No more transferring batches to my not-quite-big-enough jug blender! Just make sure you don’t lift the blender out of the pan while it’s still on – recipe for mess, and I speak from experience 😉

I’ve put fresh chillies in the recipe, but to be honest I’m lazy and I’ll usually just use powder. I prefer it, finding it easier to gage the heat. This time I went with fresh, and discovered my little packet was near heat-less, which was a tad disappointing. Stick to a quarter to a half teaspoon of chilli powder, depending on taste.