Creamy celery soup

Here in Scotland we’ve had our fairly typical clash of weather: unseasonably hot and sunny not so long ago, and today I woke up to snow. Likewise, eating choices have switched from a bit of salad back to soup.

It’s not to everyone’s taste, but I’m a big fan of celery and its delicate peppery taste. Last week I was using it as a crudite to dip in houmous, but as ever – even if the weather hadn’t turned on me! – I ended up with half a head or so left in the fridge in danger of going soggy. Time to have a go at a celery soup, methinks!

celery soup

I was having a conversation with a colleague during the week about how soup is usually such a large batch to use up all the veg you’ve bought, that you’re fed up of it before you’re done. I’ve been there many a time (thank goodness for freezers, eh?!) – and relatively recently (esp with the parsnip soup, my first ‘milk’ soup and one I wasn’t willing to try freezing) ‘twigged’ how to reign myself in and make smaller batches! This one was even more restrained that the 2-3 portions of chicken and rice soup that really only started off as one portion – this one *is* one portion! But, given the purpose was to use up the celery then that’s perfect.

You can find my cobbled together recipe here. I added potato for a little extra thickness, and to be honest it was maybe a bit much with the roux base – or, I should have used plain flour instead of trying to cheat with cornflour!

If you want a really smooth soup you’re going to have to prep the celery much better than I did, removing the stringiest bits. Blenders are going to struggle with this, I think. I didn’t bother too much.

I used to love cream of celery soup – from a tin, argh! – when I was a kid. This tasted pretty much spot on for those memories. The milk made it creamy but not unhealthy, and – main aim! – my fridge is wilt-y celery free 😉