Caribbean chicken

Today’s batch cooking was inspired by a couple of mushy-looking bananas, and the pineapple I got on sale. I’d also bought chicken to make spicy tomato chicken – to use up tomatoes (sense a theme?) – and figured I could do two chicken dishes at the same time.

Both are very healthy recipes, some of the few that survived a diet plan phase I observed at home. These days I could definitely do with shifting a few pounds, but my main aim with cooking is always flavour.

This ‘Caribbean’ chicken is a fairly easy, light curry dish containing pineapple and banana. Both go very well with the chicken and the spice.

While easy enough to make it does need a bit of lead time – prep, hob cooking, AND an hour in the oven (!) but it’s worth it. Alas, while I do freeze it I have to admit that it doesn’t defrost too well – tastes lovely, still, but tends to separate a little and the bananas go very mushy.

And still, it’s a regular in my cooking rotation: tastes lovely, is pretty healthy, and what more do you really want?! 😉

The recipe page can be found here.

caribbean chicken

(of course I took a photo before I’d realised I’d forgotten the banana – oops!)