Teapigs Spiced Winter Red Tea

The lovely Ninja over at Tea With Ninja, fresh from a fabulous Choose Your Own Adventure Nano success, has set herself a new challenge: blogging about her tea advent calendar! 

Hobbycraft fill your own advent calendarA few years back I bought myself one of those fill-your-own advent calendars (sadly still in its very unpainted form; one day!). Even more sadly, I’ve been pretty under-awed by the size of the drawers (snigger). I’d originally planned a mini treat for each day: choc, drink, facemask on weekends, that kind of thing. Alas, it takes a small chocolate and not much else.

But hey –  I have an advent calendar, and I have tea (* like Ninja, I don’t think of most of these as real ‘tea’), albeit not in the actual calendar. Pfft, close enough – of course I’m going to join the tea tasting challenge! 🙂

First up, then, after much much waffle (me all over!) was one from my lovely birthday gift of a ‘Pick and Mix’ selection from Teapigs. There are a few I haven’t tried yet, so great way to add to the 12 (x2) in the Offblak sample pack I bought specially for the season (and calendar they don’t fit into. Pfft).

Teapigs spiced winter red tea pack displayed on Christmas tree branchOne I’d been purposefully waiting to try was this Spiced Winter red – or rooibos – tea. The blurb says:

“Tea with trimmings: We’ve captured the best bits of winter in a cup. Mulled wine and mistletoe. Winter coats and rosy cheeks. Log fires, happy cats and old movies on the telly. Tea and warming spices. A blend of orange peel, cinnamon and cloves on a rooibos tea base – perfect on a crisp frosty day or with brandy at bedtime (drink responsibly!).”

To be honest, that all sounds like wishful thinking. I found it very mildly ‘spiced’, a hint of something pleasant enough but didn’t really invoke huge seasonal feelings for me in any way. I wasn’t really tempted to try it with milk.

Still, I’d drink it again – which is useful given there’s another bag in the box!

I’ve never been a fan of starting the festive season too early, but this year feels different (maybe because I haven’t had over a month already of fake cheer shoved in my face every time I go near a shop?). The tree is up – on the first!! – and I’ll start to decorate it over the week. Maybe I’ll sit beside the twinkling lights and semi-meditate over a new type of ‘tea’ each day – sounds like rather a lovely new tradition! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Teapigs Spiced Winter Red Tea

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