Welcome to my little corner of the web, largely designed for me to organise my recipe collection!

I adore cooking. I always say it’s one of two practical skills I have (the other being touch-typing) amid more intellectual (!) pursuits. There’s something immensely satisfying and gratifying to turning fresh ingredients into yummy meals!

Mostly I cook for myself, and find that recipes which cater for one are sometimes hard to track down. I also do a lot of batch cooking, though, so if I can freeze the remainder then the recipe for 6 is just fine!

You won’t find any fish here, but I like both meat and vegetarian dishes. I’m always looking for healthier choices, but since I work full-time and have a dozen hobbies then I also like food that’s quick and easy to make!

Also, I’m Scottish. This means the recipes have British naming conventions, and I say ‘turnip’ when I’m referring to the large, yellow-fleshed vegetable (the small white one is a snowball turnip, fyi!)

So, grab a nice sharp knife, put on a pinny (g’wan – just for the fun of it!) and join me in my little kitchen 🙂

Tips for using the site:

  • Blog posts are chatty, linking to the recipe in question on its own page
  • If you’re on a recipe page, look for the ‘pingbacks’ at the bottom to see the relevant blog post
  • Use WordPress’s search (it’s awesome!) to find recipes to use up the ingredients you have. For instance, type in “carrot, sweet potato” will bring up recipes that include both
  • Leave me comments – I love ’em! 🙂

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