Boozy Fruits

boozy fruits

(Allow about a week to make, although only ~20-30 minutes actual effort)

makes as many as you like!!

dried apricots, plums, etc
alcohol/liqueur of choice
optional: marzipan, rolled out and cut into pleasing shapes
chocolate for melting and dipping


  1. Put your dried fruit into a small bowl – one per fruit/alcohol combination. I tend to do a dozen of each
  2. Add a splash/few tablespoons of alcohol (see note) – you want it all to be absorbed, so not so much as to drown the fruit. Stir to coat.
  3. Over the next few days, stir the fruit mix at least twice a day. It’s best not to keep them in the fridge at this point, as absorption will be less – I use the microwave (turned off!).
  4. At least two days before presentation, remove fruit from bowls and allow to drain on pieces of kitchen roll – at this point, fridge is fine.
  5. Finish the fruits by melting chocolate – suggest a decent one that you like eating – and either dipping the fruits in, or drizzing the choc over the top. Repeat with marzipan, if using.
  6. Return to fridge overnight to set.

Keeps for quite a while (longer than I’ve taken to eat them!) in an airtight container, preferably somewhere cool.

The choice of fruit/alcohol mix is entirely up to you, and I’ve tried plenty. E.g.:

  • apricots in whiskey/honey liqueur – current favourite
  • plums in cherry brandy – keep going back to this
  • mango in vodka – mango gets a little ‘moist’ and the choc tends not to stick, but people still like it!
  • apricots in Southern Comfort
  • plums in rum
  • apricots in Jack Daniels

… the combos are endless! I also did soaked dried cherries one year, but they’re a bit fiddly.