Oatmeal raisin cookies

Everyone should have a cookie recipe to call upon, and oatmeal raisin are the best kind of cookies! My recipe is here.

photo of cookiesI’m offering these as a ‘sorry I haven’t posted in so long’ sort of thing – and come on, who doesn’t like a nice cookie? 🙂 (yup, feeling pretty confident of forgiveness… lol!)

I’ve actually made these three times recently, for different people (and some for me each time, of course – quality control is a must! Ahem). Attempts one and three saw me make a half-batch – nice and easy to halve all the quantities in the recipe, apart from the egg. First time, I used the other half of the egg in a different cookie recipe (choc chip, weren’t nearly as good), and today I saved the other half to make egg-fried rice as part of my dinner.

Making the full recipe, I was actually quite amazed at just how MUCH dough I had, and how many cookies that translated to – I’ve said 24, but it felt more like 94 (I wish?!) with the endless batches going in and out of the oven! Fortunately, the dough keeps really well in the fridge, sealed in tuperware, for a few days. Doing it this way means you get lovely, freshly-baked cookies (the best kind!) several times out of the same initial work making the dough.

Nom! 🙂